What is the plan?

The National Development Strategy – also known as the PLAN – represents a holistic approach to addressing the most critical Kosovo’s development challenges. It is a document that will contain a bundle of “priorities of priorities” implementation of which, during the next five years (2016-2021), will set Kosovo towards a trajectory of accelerated economic growth and improvement of living standards.

The process of developing the PLAN was initiated by the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo on 3rd of June 2015. The aim is to produce a document that will enjoy the support of a wide range of stakeholders and become a consensual road-map for development of Kosovo’s economy. It is a plan that we will work on developing and implementing together –as a government and as citizens of Kosovo.

The PLAN is neither a static document nor a prescription against all difficulties our economy and society experience. Instead, it is developed as a dynamic platform of consulting and agreeing on few most important priorities among all key stakeholders - the Government, Parliament, civil society and Kosovo’s Development Partners. In other words, the PLAN is the presentation of Kosovo’s Critical Success Factors for economic growth and job creation.

Therefore the number of priorities to be contained in the PLAN is to be limited, as our resources and capacities to implement them are also in short supply. At the same time, our emphasis will be on ensuring that the measures selected for the “priorities of priorities” status are implemented. National development ideas not contained in the PLAN are also important, but they will be dealt with by various sector strategies.

Punë (Work)- Human Capital
Ligj- (Law) Rule of Law
Afarizëm (Entrepreneurship)-Competiteveness
Ndërtim-(Construction) Infrastructure

The national development strategy will be structuraly divided in to four pillars: Human Capital, Rule of Law, Competiteveness and Infrastrcture. The names of structural sectors represented in pillars, in Albanian language correspond perfectly with the short words that fit with the same names. In this way the word PLAN aquires deeper meaning. ​